SEO in Digital Marketing

Google Layout and Function’s

Product/ Business based keywords Exp: Best PG near kolkata howrah Best restaurant near delhi       SERP Ranking (search engine result page) Local SEO(directory)Search …..1Search…….2Search………3 (Promoted/Advertisement)Ads….1Ads…..2Ads…..3 (Organic or ranked)Search…..1Search….2Search….3Total SERP in a page ….…1….….2….….3….…..4….…..5….…..6….……7….……8….……9….……10 
  Organic OR Ranked  
SERP Table

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is an Activity performed in order to make the pages or website search engine friendly so that it can ranked or get higher rank in search position.

There are mainly three type of  SEO technics used for SEO:

1)Black hat SEO  

2)White hat SEO

 3)Gray hat SEO

White hat SEO: White hat technic is used by almost every individual who wants to rank their business , pages or website in initial search engine pages following all the policies and algorithm defined by search engines. This is standard practice which supposed to be followed.

Black hat SEO: This is technics are use by individual or organization who wants to ranked their business pages or website instantly or in a speedy manner by manipulating search engine rules and algorithm. Black hat technic is not recommended as in long term search engine can decrease or terminate the website when found spamming.

Grey hat SEO: Grey hat technic is also oppose the standard marketing technic as per search engine policies. Grey hat are used by creating end number of links, blogs and content which are not relevant. Search engine can penalize such websites.

How search Engine works?

Search Engine consist of resources such as web pages, news, programs, Articles, Images, Videos. The moment a user type a query or keyword it locate the information on world wide web.

SEO in Digital Marketing

What is web crawling?

We crawler are spider or bots which crawl the pages across internet and brings the information needed to SE.

Search Engine Functionality

Web crawler, database, SERP interface are the major components of search engine. There are boolean and string used to restrict search information such as putting ‘AND’ ‘OR’ it defines and filter the data variation.

Whenever a keyword or query is typed search engine do not immediately crawled the whole web instead it try to find it in existing database which is a web crawler.

The search criteria may vary from search engine to search engine’s. The results are triggered or shown based on relevancy of the content, keywords , frequency and links.

Why Google or Any search Engine will rank our website in the initial pages?

Each Search Engine has it own algorithm based on which the SERP pages are decided. Each of it’s algorithm are unique and promote and restrict the content relevance, spam, Link quality, Keywords etc. We need to Learn the core or base of search engine optimization in order to rank our business or website pages in initial pages of Search Engine. Most of the Optimizer, Marketer and Agencies use grey hat technics to rank their clients websites on search Engine just to show the quick results. The method and strategies work only when you know what should be done and what’s not.

The strategies work only when we use correct method which of course take time in order to stand by all the parameter and rank the pages for long term. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consist of diet’s with all nutrients as shown on Image below. You can also check here.

You can also Download Digital Marketing Syllabus: syallabus

Seo in digital marketing
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